Since 1953, the Roanoke Public Library Foundation’s support has enabled Roanoke Public Libraries to be a center for learning and culture of the highest caliber, enriching the lives of every Roanoke citizen. Working in partnership with Roanoke Public Libraries, the Foundation determines where private support can have the greatest impact and at the same time, not supplant public funding for the basic operations of a strong library system. From children’s programs to resources and art, the Roanoke Public Library Foundation enriches your community libraries.


The mission of the Roanoke Public Library Foundation is to support Roanoke Public Libraries’ programs and services that encourage literacy and cultural appreciation.

Contribute to the Foundation.  Leave a Legacy.

Chartered in 1953, the RPL foundation makes it possible for interested persons to bequeath money, property, or other forms of endowment to the Roanoke Public Library system with the assurance that such bequests will be administered in strict accordance with the wishes of the donor.  Gifts of cash, stock, trusts, life insurance and bequests can all be left to the Foundation, a 501(c)(3) tax deductible corporation.  As a donor, you may establish a fund designated to support specific programs or activities of Roanoke Public Libraries.  Undesignated gifts will be used to support the on-going activities of Roanoke Public Libraries.

Trustees of the Roanoke Public Library Foundation

Stanley G. Breakell, President

John Eure, Vice-President

Mary Ann Johnson, Secretary

Susan Koch, Treasurer


Michael Ramsey, President Emeritus, Samuel G. Oakey III, John R. Francis, Jr., Edward B. Walker, Dev Jarrett, Thomas Blecher, Brenda McDaniel